"Astrophysics, the search for extrasolar life, the dialectic between religion and science and The DaVinci Code combined! Davis shows remarkable fluency with several different disciplines (including religious history) and presents a very convincing picture of the world and space travel circa 2035. I read little fiction, so I am highly selective. I am very glad to have experienced BRUNO'S RELIC - so much so that I immediately embarked on Davis' previous sci-fi novel, DARWIN'S ARROW. I put aside what I should be reading because I am compelled by Davis' visions of our near future. Well done!"

-- Philip Romero, professor of business, Lundquist School of Business, University of Oregon

"If you are a fan of science fiction (not fantasy, but science-based fiction), and have a particular bent toward the possibility/impossibility of time travel, then you need to run, not walk, to read Darwin's Arrow. I bought it less than a week ago and just finished it (which is pretty bloody fast for me). If I didn't have to earn a living, I would have just done a day and-and-a-half binge read. Putting it down was hard, and sneaking an extra hour of reading before setting to work was my guilty pleasure every morning. I've read a lot of sci-fi over the years, and I was pretty sure that while I would probably like Darwin's Arrow, I thought it would probably echo other books in the genre. It doesn't. Just when you think the author is pursuing a familiar path, he veers into unexpected territory. The narrative flows well, he moves the story along very effectively. The dialogue is blissfully human, and the characters feel fresh. The writing about the 'technical stuff' comes effortlessly, and is entirely understandable. The character dynamics help drive the story in unexpected ways. But of all, while I look forward to Mark Davis' net book, Darwin's Arrow doesn't scream 'sequel coming.' It's a stand alone story, and ripping good at that.

-- Donald Hannaford


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