On a summer’s morning, seven healthy and successful people hike in darkness to the summit of Norway’s Pulpit Rock, a cliff outthrust 2,000 feet above the scenic Lysefjord in Western Norway. As the rising sun inflames cliffs on the opposite side of the fjord, they join hands, walk to the edge and leap together into the void . . .

   Dr. Elizabeth Barrett Browne, world-renowned expert in suicide, follows the digital breadcrumbs to the mastermind behind these deaths — the goddess Freyja, a wickedly clever woman or man who hides behind a convincing, full-motion digital persona on the dark web to lure people into conversation, winnow out the vulnerable, and prey on their psyches with a deadly mixture of hallucinogens and perverted psychotherapy.

  The closer Elizabeth gets to unmasking Freyja, the deeper Freyja gets into Elizabeth’s own life and secrets . . . a woman haunted by family suicide, desperately worried about the well-being of her college-age son, and fearful that one day she, too, might succumb to the ledge.

“A touch of originality and an intriguingly twisty plot.” -- Paul Burke, NB literary quarterly


“[I]f SEVEN SHOES is any indication, we can welcome Davis into the growing ranks of contemporary thriller authors to discover and follow.” -- Alan Cranis, Bookgasm


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